Holiday Services and Installation Details

Navy Blooms is the magical elf you never knew you needed!  With white-glove holiday decorating services, Navy Blooms will decorate your home into a winter wonderland!

**Calendar will open for

  • CURRENT CLIENTS on April 15, 2024, 8pm
  • NEW CLIENTS on June 17, 2024, 8pm

Please read below for details!!

***The calendar usually is fully booked by the end of September***


  • tree decorating,
  • mantle decorating,
  • outdoor archways and entires,
  • table tops and shelving,
  • banisters and railings,
  • and just about anything else you want to be touched with the spirit of the holidays,
  • take down services with organization,
  • off-site storage

Levels of services:

  1. Client provides all existing decor and NB only uses the client decor.
  2. Client provides some existing decor and NB supplements with newly sourced decor.
  3. NB supplies all decor items (such as trees, garlands, ornaments, etc.)

How the services and designing works:

  1. Book your date.  This is most important due to limited availability. Non-refundable deposit must be paid in order to secure your date.
  2. Have a consultation with Navy Blooms, conducted by the owner, Keely Vendig.  In this meeting, you will discuss your vision for each part of your holiday decor.  Be sure to include any existing decor you want to incorporate.  Also, pictures are a must!!  The more visuals the better!
  3. Discuss a budget.  Once the budget is set, a contract will be signed.
  4. Leave Navy Blooms to do the rest! We will show on your installation day ready to go.  We will set-up, sweep/vacuum (using client's tools), and place garbage and boxes in designated area of client's request.

Item/Decor pricing:  pricing differs greatly based on the scope of the installation.  If Navy Blooms design/installation services are used, the client (you) get discounts on specialty items ordered through to-the-trade vendors.  With the installation services, specialty pricing on items is:

  • Custom ordered items (up to 30% discount)
  • Trees (20% discount)
  • Store purchased items (like Hobby Lobby, etc.).  Since these items are purchased directly off the shelves with no discounts, a 20% fee will be added to the item cover the cost of shopping/sourcing.
  • Tax will be added on all items*

Installation pricing:

  • Prices start at $145 an hour for one person, and $55 per hour for each additional person.  Depending on the calendar date, the prices vary.
  • Minimum pricing per job: $500.  This does NOT include any decor items.  Minimum price is for labor only.
  • Most "normal" sized installations (one tree, stair banister, a couple mantles) require 3-4 people across 5-6 hours for new jobs.  Each year after the process is much faster.
  • All client materials need to be pulled from the attic, garage, etc. and placed in the room the items belong in BEFORE the crew arrives.

Take-down pricing:

  • $145 an hour for one person, and $55 per hour for each additional person.
  • Minimum $350 per job (excluding storage fees if you store the items off-site).
  • If supplies are needed (bins, storage bags, bubble wrap, etc.), you have the option for NB to bring these items.  There will be a 20% added fee to all items used from the NB stock.

Off-site storage pricing:

  • NB will haul off all your decor to a safe location.  
  • Pricing varies by number of storage bins, tree bags, garland bags, etc.
  • The 11 months of storage will be paid up front for the calendar year and will be added to final take-down bill.
  • Storage includes 2 round trips: haul away at the end of the season, and returning the items at the beginning of the following season.  Any additional trips will have a travel charge.

New Clients for the 2024 season: See below

New client information:

Hello to potential new clients!  Thank you for looking to Navy Blooms services and I am hoping I can answer any questions you have.  I am going to cut straight to the chase… 

For the 2024 season, I will be opening my calendar to the public on June 17, 2024 at 8pm.  When the 8:00pm hour rolls in, new clients will be required to pay $500 REFUNDABLE deposit via Venmo, Zelle, or Paypal. In the notes section of Venmo, Zelle or Paypal, you will need to list your top 3 install dates, in order, and also your phone number.  I will contact clients in order from the time of payment, so first come first serve!

After the deposit has been paid, I will contact you to meet up for a design meeting.  During this time, we will talk about items you have, items you need, and design plans.  It would be very helpful to have pictures from past years along with new inspiration ideas.  I will confirm when I received your deposit and I will also contact you to set up a design meeting this summer.  Please be patient!  This does require some time.

The deposit will be fully refundable until August 15th.  If you choose not to use our services after our design meeting, I will simply refund your deposit so the date can open for others.  After August 15, the deposit will no longer be refundable.  If purchases are made specifically for you and you cancel services (before or after August 15), you will still be required to purchase the items and Navy Blooms will have the items delivered to your door as they arrive.

How my design process works:

  1. We meet and discuss your vision.  During this meeting we will chat about the items you have and want to use, and also the items that you will need.  We will also establish a budget.
  2. Once we are on the same page, I will start doing my research and order your items. Many of my items are purchased through vendors at Market, therefore they will be final sale.  I will then send over options for you in regards to trees and garlands.  When it comes to ornaments and small details, I will not reach out as often.  Trust my vision!
  3. On install day, we bring your items and usually start at 9am. The number of workers all depends on how much you want to have decorated.  Most jobs average 3 people per install.  Our goal is to finish every job, cleaned and all garbage gone, by 5pm, if not sooner.
  4. I am able to get just about anything, so please share all your ideas in our meeting!
  5. All items purchased through me will be yours. I do not rent items.  I offer a discount on items to clients who use my design services.  This is usually around 20%- 30% off retail.
  6. I try to order multiple client’s items at the same time to help save on shipping and fright charges. Shipping and freight charges are the responsibility of the client, as well as sales tax.
  7. The best way Navy Blooms works is express your ideas and let us take care of the rest!

 Average costs of items BEFORE installation costs to help give you an idea, all based on a 9 foot tree:

  • 9 foot , prelit tree with all brand new ornaments and décor averages around $3000.
  • Prelit 9 foot tress run about $850-$2000. This is the price for a non decorated tree.
  • Prelit garlands come in 9 foot segments. Costs of garlands range from $135-$375, depending on indoor or outdoor usage.  This cost is before any décor on the garland.
  • Outdoor arches average (3), 9 foot prelit commercial grade garlands. The cost to decorate (including garland), depending on how dense and packed you want, ranges from $1800 and up.
  • The first year takes the longest as the design needs to be built, and also all ornaments have to be prepared with wire.
  • All outdoor garland is required to have screws installed on the facade of the home.

 Hourly rates for installation:

  • Installation dates are Nov 1- Dec 13, and in October if you choose.
  • Rates vary by date. Sundays are not available.
  • All Saturdays have a premium hourly charge of $275 for 2 people.  Every employee needed beyond 2 people is $55 per person, per hour.
  • October, Nov 1-2, Nov 4-8, Nov 11-15th, and Nov 18-19
    • Starts at $200 for 2 people per hour.
    • Every employee needed beyond 2 people will be $55 per person, per hour.
  • Nov 20th-29th are high priority dates. All pricing is for 2 people per hour:
    • Nov 20-23rd- $255
    • Nov 25-29th- $295
  • Dec 2-13th- $200
    • Every employee needed beyond 2 people will be $55 per person, per hour.

Going off the 2023 season, most outdoor arches took appox. 4 hours to install, and a 9 foot tree takes about 3-4 hours.  Most jobs required 3 people and took about 6 hours total.


**Please know, I try my best to place you on the date you request.  Saturdays do have a higher rate.  Please notify me if Saturdays are NOT and option**