Pricing for trees, mantles and more

The number one question Navy Blooms gets asked is, "how much is it to decorate a tree".  That question is very hard to answer, but we will try our best to give a rough estimate.  



  • A brand new, 9 foot pre-lit tree, with all new ornaments (glass and plastic), ribbon, and fully decorated usually runs around $2500-$3000.  This is for supplies only.  Keep in mind it is a one-time investment and the subsequent years will be much less.



  • Most mantles require a 9 foot pre-lit garland.  Moderately decorated mantles run in the $400-$600 range depending on the type of garland chosen, and the density of the materials used.


    Outdoor arches:

    • Most entries require (3) 9 foot pre-lit commercial grade garlands.  Along with the decorations, pricing runs about $2000 for supplies only, for the super dense and tightly packed decor.  The price decreases if you choose less supplies.


      Stair banisters:

      • This varies greatly by the length of your railing, if you want the garland swagged or straight, and if you wanted it decorated.